A Bajaj Car of Rs 60000 Only. RE60

A Bajaj Car of Rs 60000 Only. RE60

Any truth in the news of a Bajaj car of Rs 60000?

First things first, Bajaj has absolutely no plans of entering the private car market. The so called small car everyone’s talking about is actually the Bajaj Qute quadricycle that made its debut over half a decade ago. The Qute, initially known as the RE60, is basically a four-wheeled, four-seater quadricycle that targets the three-wheelers in the commercial vehicle space. True, this thing has got four wheels, a car-like steering wheel and a roof, but it is still not a car in the true sense of word. It’s mostly a slightly less utilitarian vehicle that aims to replace the three-wheelers (auto-rickshaws).

Will Bajaj Qute launch soon? 

While the Government of India has already given a green signal to this new category of vehicles (quadricycles), the Qute is now entangled in a string of controversies that are not letting Bajaj launch the Qute in India. The biggest of these hurdles come in the form of the handful of PILs filed against the Qute. These PILs have been filed many courts across India by auto-rickshaw unions, auto-rickshaw drivers and even some lawyers.

Can You Buy it for Personal Use?

No, the Qute is meant for the commercial sector ONLY. You won’t be able to buy it and register it as a private vehicle. Like we’ve been saying, the Qute aims to replace auto-rickshaws and come across as a more comfortable (and safer) public transport option.

Talking to his company’s shareholders, Rajiv Bajaj said that the only reasons for such a huge delay in the launch of this vehicle are the never ending tactics used by the rivals. “It is well known that the only country where the Qute is not permitted is our country (and it is) only because of competition. They have used all kinds of nefarious techniques to create problems through political circles and through courts. I will say this very candidly that they have stooped to levels that we thought they never will. (But) If it means we have to live without one country (then) we will live without one country”, added Bajaj.

A Bajaj car of Rs 60000 price – Sounds too good to be true, no? 

Again, this isn’t a car, but simply a four-wheeled highly utilitarian vehicle that aims to replace auto-rickshaws. More important, it won’t cost just Rs 60000. It’s kind of sure that the prices of the Qute will start at roughly Rs 1.40 lakh. The top model is likely to cost Rs 1.60 lakh. Official prices will come out only on the launch date.

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